Vet & Mobility

VET & Mobility

MVI has a local and national network in the VET field, working with public and private institutions in the area of Sardinia and at the national level in Italy.

Coordinating the project KA1 Let’s develop Touristic Skills that is directed to 30 students in three high schools in Rieti, Istituto Scientifico “Carlo Jucci”, Istituto Magistrale Statale “Elena Principessa di Napoli” and Liceo Scientifico dell’Istituto Omnicomprensivo of Amatrice. The project aims at providing mobility experience of 6 weeks in Ireland to involved young students. Within the activity participants will acquire skills related to nature of tourism, culture and education.

MVI is managing a EYF Campaign (Council of Europe) on Cyber-Bullying and No Hate Speech. Thanks to this work programme, MVI acquired good expertise and skills in the digital field and in the new media environment.

Among MVI team, there are some trainers/facilitators (Salto accredited) with a wide experience that are ready to be involved in the implementation of VET projects.