MV International Social Campaign “Women’s Rights for an Equal Life” promotes awareness about women’s rights throughout the world. 


The Social Campaign aims at challenging gender roles, raising awareness about global womens rights, addressing stigmas about menstruation and combatting sexual harrassment. 


This theme was chosen due to the international events that have taken place in 2022 regarding women’s rights. For example we have witnessed protests in the USA, Iran, and Afghanistan for women to have freedom of expression and autonomy over their own bodies. Other countries such as Scotland, Spain, Iceland, Finland, and New Zealand have passed laws protecting women’s rights, granting miscarriage leave, and providing access to sanitary products. Iceland and Finland were ranked #1 and #2 in the Global Gender Gap Index 2022.  

Menstruation is still seen as shameful and as a taboo. In many parts of the world there is a lack of education regarding menstruation, what this signifies, and therefore it leads to period poverty. This can result in missing out on education and health problems. In Iceland and Scotland there is a provision of free menstrual products.  

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