Speak for Inclusion! Would you look aside if you saw an act of discrimination?

The design of the Social Campaign “Speak for Inclusion!” will be elaborated by participants in the two International Activities, based on the insights and learning outcomes developed in the educational process. The Campaign will be coordinately implemented by MV International’s member organizations as well as the Network in their respective countries. Online awareness-raising actions building on Internet and Social Media channels (Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Mail-chimp, Newsletters) will be complemented by offline educational initiatives targeted at youth audiences in each MVI member organisation’s area of operation. Offline actions of the Social Campaign will be implemented by youth operators involved in educational activities, with the support of each organisation.

Social Campaign “Speak for Inclusion!”

Venue: All MVI Member countries

Dates: 5 October – 10 November 2018


Spreading the results achieved in the Workplan’s process among the audience of youth targets and stakeholders in MVI member countries and at the wider CoE level. Enhancing awareness, understanding and active engagement of youth categories across MVI member countries and at the wider CoE level in contrasting phenomena of hate speech against women, migrants and refugees on new media.

Fostering stakeholders’ (NGOs, Educational Institutions, Public Authorities, Youth Groups and Associations, Mass Media) involvement in fighting new media hate speech against women, migrants and refugees on new media, in partner countries and at the CE level.

Manual No Hate Speech in the Digital Era