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Association of Organisations

A global platform fostering Social Innovation and Sustainability, open to stake holding organisations within the fields of Entrepreneurship, Non Formal Education, Sport and Culture.

The Non Governmental Organization MV International (MVI) is a network of 37 European NGOs, with members in each of 27 Countries of the European Union and 8 associate organizations from Africa (Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal and Uganda), Latin America (Argentina and Peru) and Asia (India and China) aimed at promoting participatory planning between NGOs fostering the exchange of knowledge among professionals in the field of European design.

Launched in 2012, MVI is today a global actor closely cooperating with its member organizations, as well as stakeholders in the public and private sector

Registered as a non-profit NGO in Sassari (Sardinia, Italy) activities are coordinated through its offices in Sassari and Berlin (Germany) with a focus on three key areas:

  • project design and implementation
  • education and training
  • policy-making and advocacy

Apart from promoting events and educational programmes, MVI takes part in the public debate on civil society engagement in its topics of interest and strives to influence policies in these areas.

As an international umbrella organisation, MVI further has the capacity to exploit results of project implementation directly through its memberships in the EU and beyond. The platform’s outreach provides a strong base for significant dissemination.

MVI is a non profit “association of organisations” that intends to carry out social inclusion and community building activities for its members and stake holding (third) parties encouraging participation, freedom and dignity of its members.

MVI works as a global platform, open to stake holding organisations and individuals with interest in the fields of Social Innovation and Sustainability and experienced in Social Entrepreneurship, Non Formal Education, Education through Sport and Inter cultural dialogue.

Find out more at the areas’s of intervention of MVI:

  • Adults & Training
  • Youth & NFE
  • Sport & ETS
  • VET & Mobility

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