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Cyber-bullying was identified by the MV International Network as one of the core threads of Hate Speech in all European countries and at the wider global level, particularly in the new media environment.

Cyber-bullying is an ever increasing phenomenon in ordinary interactions on new media, whose intensification and diffusion is directly related to the development of a generalized access to new media instruments (particularly Social Media) as well as to the decentralized, unfiltered and anonymous communication and viral diffusion of contents ensured by new media architectures.

Cyber-bullying can be defined as a repeated verbal or psychological harassment carried out, to different degrees of intensity, by an individual or group against others through new media instruments (Social Media and interactive Internet services in general). It can take many forms: from mockery, insults and threats to the theft and release of private information.

Cyber-Bullying and No Hate Speech: What can you change to stop the hate?

By promoting the campaign “CYBER-BULLYING and NO HATE SPEECH”, ENGO MVI aimed at celebrating its 5th anniversary (19th November 2012). For 5 years we have contributed to the development of society and its members by various methods of education.

The mission of this campaign was to sensitize society about the issue of cyber-bullying as well as about the need of contrasting Hate Speech, understood as a type of speech that attacks a person or a Group based on attributes such as gender, ethnic origin, religion, race, disability and sexual orientation, at the level of the civil society and institutions.

No Hate Speach

Young people are particularly vulnerable targets in cyberbullying phenomena, as both victims and perpetrators, due to their substantial engagement in new media communication, often not supported by adequate precautions and awareness about the consequences of mismanagement of new media instruments.

The Social Campaign addressed the issue of Cyber-Bullying in the frame of a wider effort at sensitizing society about the necessity of tackling Hate Speech phenomena in all their declinations as well as to advance the values and principles spearheaded by the No Hate Speech Movement under the sponsorship of the Council of Europe.

Hate Speech was always the first weapon of attack on new emigrants, on people on the basis of attributes such as ethnic origin, religion, race, gender, disability, or, sexual orientation and has the potential result of inciting harm.

Just about anyone can be a target of hate speech. Some people might become targets due to their beloging to a particular race, nationality, or religion. Other people could be targeted because they are disabled in some way, or because of their gender, age, or sexual orientation.

Participating organizations were requested to provide their information and submitting their contributions to ENGO MVI.  Campaign participants had to create 2 videos and provide some photographical materials: 

video 1: presentation of the NGO

video 2: VIDEO 2 – CYBER-BULLYING (approx. 3 min) – each participant recorded a video in which they choose an issue of Cyber-Bullying which might be taking place in their local context/community and tried to identify a solution that could also be an opportunity for promoting non discrimination and tolerance in society.

Photograph: the participants created a photograph related to the No Hate Speech Movement. Photographs were collected by MVI and formed part of the Campaign.

The Campaign achieved a resounding success and a widespread participation by NGOs within and outside the European Union. All the member of the ENGO MVI Network sent their contributions (Videos and Photograph) with their example being followed by several external organizations from Europe, Africa and Latin America.

MV International worked with passion also in the social media, FB, Instagram and Twitter mostly,