ADULT & Training

Adults & Training      

MV International has developed a noticeable experience in the field of Erasmus Plus projects at highest level, in cooperation with an extensive and ever-expanding network of members and international partners.

MVI carries out a EYF campaign on human rights. It has a good experience in non-formal education related to the adult education and youth fields. MVI is a network that is particularly committed to the exchange of knowledge and best practices among organisations who mainly works with young adults and adults.

The organization is participating to several Erasmus Plus Startegic Partnership in the field of Adult education. In these project MVI is coordinator or participating as partner organization.

The members of MVI work as a team to create and develop new projects such as Adult trainings, youth exchanges, seminars or training courses. Among MVI team, there are some trainers/facilitators (Salto accredited) with a wide experience that are ready to be involved in the implementation of Adult education projects.